Unique Places to Work Remotely In Savannah

Are you looking for a home office away from home? 

Savannah, the southern hub for tourists and generations of proud locals, also happens to be a hotspot for business travelers. As commuters come and go from the low country, one thing remains, the challenges of working on the go. Luckily, there are several unique destinations in Savannah that will trump working out of a hotel room or at a chaotic coffee shop on any day. 

Check out these coworking-friendly spaces in Savannah:   


This premium work cafe on Bull Street comes with all the bells and whistles…Oh, and robots. VEL’s future-forward work cafe is inspired by the privacy of a home office, the amenities of a coworking space and the comforts of a coffee shop. Their award-winning brews infused with nootropics and delivered on a bot’ is only half of what VEL has in store for their customers, literally. VEL is also home to state-of-the-art workstations which include soundproof pods, privacy nest seats,  open collaboration spaces, and outdoor seating with wifi. Unlike most coworking spaces that require a pricey membership, VEL welcomes everyone..even if that means just grabbing a coffee or a bite to eat. Their affordable seating rates (some at only $2 an hour) are open to anyone and can be made through walk-in reservations. However, for repeat VELLERS looking for a few extra perks; Such as, -10% on food, beverages, seating, access to advanced seat booking, and mobile ordering plus more then VEL offers a subscription for only $10 a month.   

Expansive Johnson Square

Fittingly described in its name, at 15 floors and classified as one of Savannah’s first skyscrapers, this coworking building looms over the hustle and bustle of the Historic District. Besides their prime location, Expansive Johnson Square offers a host of amenities for individual professionals and teams. The space offers everything from smart suites and private offices to coworking areas and conference rooms. Luckily, for commuters looking for a temporary space, offices are also offered here for $89 or a lounge pass for $30 a day. Expansives more permanent workstations are offered as monthly fees which can range from $149 – $605 a month. 

E. Shaver Booksellers

Voted the best bookstore in 2020, this sweet little bookshop might leave a long paper trail but they are also a hidden gem for something else. This quiet and cozy nook of Savannah also serves as a good place to get work done. Amongst the narrow hallways lined with bookshelves from floor to ceiling, you might just find an open lounge seat to sink into. There are no memberships or fees to work from this independent bookstore; Which means, E. Shaver you’ve got our vote. However, if you are looking for a place to take meetings from this might not be the space to go.. As you might be met with a subtle “shhhh!”

There are plenty of other coworking-friendly spaces in Savannah for commuters to get in a quick day’s work. However, if you are looking for the total package without breaking the bank, take a stroll on Bull Street. Doused in fresh greenery and vibrant colors lies VEL’s Work Cafe. You won’t miss it. Their doors are open and filling the sweet Savannah breeze with an award-winning aroma. Plus, once you’re inside, comfortably seated in one of their state-of-the-art workstations and working at twice the speed..you won’t want to leave. 

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