The Sound Solution for Noise Pollution

Why acoustics and soundproof environments are crucial for maximizing efficiency.

Sound, it’s the instrument we all play. Sometimes like a beautiful symphony and other times…Well, not so much. Noise can affect our mood, productivity levels, and well-being. More specifically, low-level sounds that are often experienced in an office, school, or home can derail focus and limit concentration. This leads to low or lessened levels of productivity throughout the day. In an advanced generation, professionals are demanding a new tune… A silent one. That’s why at VEL, we provide the perfect “think space”.. to escape the world, tune out the noise and work at twice the speed. 

Time lost during the work day is not ideal and steals precious hours that could be spent leisuring on life. Plus, as the famous Benjamin Franklin once said “time is money.” So, with noise happening all around us – From meetings, phone calls, customers, colleagues, music, kids and dogs, etc…What is the solution to manage noise pollution? 

At VEL, we provide a number of isolated and soundproof spaces within our premium coworking coffee shop. More commonly known as “Pods”, our team has fine-tuned the name “Think Spaces” to reflect the intention and purpose behind the design. These precisely engineered spaces offer the latest noise-canceling features and technology; Such as complete acoustic privacy for phone calls and meetings, sound-absorbing panels to mitigate outside noise, and white noise dispensers to suppress remaining sounds. In addition to this, each “Think Space” comes with an adaptable screen monitor and a private rapid WIFI connection. Lastly, we couldn’t leave our premium high-tech space without the extra edge of a designer’s touch…So we implemented an artificial wall of greenery to enhance creative thinking and promote relaxation. 

Thinking about trying out one of our “Think Spaces”?  Don’t think too long and hard. VEL has put all the thought needed into designing the perfect solution so VELLERS can experience uninterrupted focus for working or meeting sessions. Work at twice the speed solo or gather up to four and enjoy the beautiful symphony… of soundproof sanity.

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