Remote vs Freelance Jobs

This article takes a dive into the roles, lifestyles, and responsibilities of remote and freelance workers in a post covid chapter.

The once select population of remote and freelance workers is now projected to take over 50% of the US workforce by 2027. Additionally, corporate America is beginning to migrate from large buildings and stuffy cubicles to virtual offices. So, what does this mean for you? 

To answer this question, let’s take a look at the difference between the “remote” and “freelance” worker. While there are similarities, they are indeed differences.

The remote worker is an employee who is location independent but working for an organization. This form of work can typically be done from anywhere such as coffee shops, coworking spaces, home offices, hotels or while traveling. This role is similar to traditional employment as it provides job security and company benefits. The benefits of remote work include more freedom, flexibility, and a greater sense of independence. 

A freelancer is an independent contractor who can also be location independent; However, the day-to-day life for a freelancer can be very different. Many freelancers report high-stress levels and a feast-or-famine workflow. This requires the average freelancer to be consistently looking for the next job.  Freelancers can be very successful and reap the benefits of the lifestyle but they must adopt an entrepreneurial mindset accompanied by tenacity, drive, and determination.

For both the freelancer and remote worker, creating an optimum workspace is imperative. Having a professional space in which to conduct meetings, and get work done, along with the necessary amenities to help keep you focused will all lend to your success.

Today there are dedicated work cafe’s like VEL offering plenty of coworking spaces for professionals looking for a satellite office. If you cannot find one near you look for …suggestions…but add why they are not great.

  • We Work: This corporate giant can be found in almost any city and offers a variety of workspaces for solo professionals to large teams. Their dynamic spaces offer ideal areas for meetings or general daily office setups. The only downside you might come across is having to dig a little too deep into your pockets for a full day of work. 
  • Industrious: This coworking space offers flexible office solutions for both individual professionals and companies. With over 150 locations in the US, Europe, and Asia you might just stumble across one! However, their not-so-flexible membership policy can be a bit of a red flag for those just looking for a temporary space. 
  • WorkBar: This organization provides customized office spaces to assorted companies. Their professional space provides a vibrant coworking atmosphere for teams and individuals. While WorkBar’s open-office layout radiates energy from buzzing professionals going about their days, this space also radiates noise… Which means endless distractions and longer work days. 

This leads us to our favorite… A space to escape the noise, the unforgiving memberships, and the way to expensive prices. 

VEL is a dynamic and adaptable premium work cafe meticulously engineered to optimize productivity. Their unique workspaces include privacy pods, nest seating, and conforming spaces for coworking. Each seating location harbors its own set of features and amenities to accommodate the specificity of an individual’s needs. Additionally, the work cafe offers non-reservation seating for casual places to sit whilst enjoying a fresh coffee from their award-winning selection or snackable item from their menu.

Upon entering the premium work cafe customers are welcomed and encouraged to find a space that fits their intents for the day. For some, this might simply mean grabbing a coffee infused with VEL’s signature “brain-boosting ingredients” and just checking a few emails. For others, VEL has become a home office away from home; And they use the dynamic space for meetings, gathering a team, or running a one-person empire. Either way, walking into this work cafe will not leave you disappointed.

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