Managing Stress on the Clock

Are you practicing peace or stress?

It’s no secret that work-related pressures commonly provoke stress. Even for professionals that love their jobs – tight deadlines, challenging obligations, excessive workloads, and other day-to-day stressors can take a toll on their well-being. Similarly, stress can impact productivity and lead to swift burnout rates. Despite the contrary, it doesn’t just go away once you’re off the clock either. Stress doesn’t discriminate; So, whether you are a remote, freelance, hybrid, or 9-5 office worker, learning how to manage stress on the clock can be critical for emotional, mental, and physical wellness. 

At VEL, we don’t just cope with stress, we conquer it. Our premium work cafe is built to optimize productivity for every professional; from every angle. Instead of managing stress off the clock, we looked at ways to decrease the pressures of day-to-day work life while on it. One of the ways we achieve this is by incorporating stress-reducing elements within our utopian space. Because when work ends, leisure should begin. 

Wake up and practice peace with a stress-subduing specialty drink. 

Check it out. The perfect cups for the perfect stress-free flow. 

The Outlaw 

Featuring a smooth blend of espresso and black tea. Supplemented with a dose of stress-toning and neuroprotective honey. Complimented with a gracious serving of cinnamon to encourage the process of learning and forming new memories.

The Free Drive

A performance-enhancing espresso beverage. Served with stress toning and neuroprotective ingredients of raw honey and fresh lavender. Also featuring three of the most effective medicinal mushrooms for memory, mood, focus, and concentration.

The Minty Zone

A classic organic espresso with subtle notes of orange peel and tangerine paired with dark chocolate, steamed milk, and stress-toning ingredients of rosemary, mint, and lavender.

From the air you breathe, to the things you can see and down to even what you drink.. Every element in VEL’s premium work cafe has a purpose. These are just the stress-reducing ones. Take a look…

Stress Alleviating Space and Amenities 

Biophilic Designs

Along the soundproof pods and beneath a layer of energizing textural elements is a wall of lush vibrant greenery in VEL. Several studies suggest that plants are proven to reduce stress, spark creativity and encourage productivity. 

The Gravity Blanket

Gravity blankets are a highly effective product used to activate what is known as Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTP). DTP produces a calming effect by circulating vital serotonin hormones to relax the nervous system. Using a weighted blanket while working can switch the body’s reaction from “fight or flight” (stress response) to “relax, rest and digest” (feel-good response). 

Premium Scenting Experience

VEL houses a uniquely scented environment to help boost mood, reduce stress and optimize productivity. Our premium scenting provides an ambient experience from the moment customers walk in the door. The freshly brewed aroma of coffee encourages wakefulness and enhances cognitive parameters. Coupled with this organic smell is a rich fragrance called “Palo Santo” that serves as a matchless pair. 

Pure Crisp Air

At VEL, we invest in technology that purifies our premium work cafes’ indoor air and fosters the benefits of clean outdoor air. Fresh air conditions prompt an involuntary reaction that lowers heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and relaxes the nervous system. This response helps to de-stress the body and focus the mind.

VEL didn’t recreate the wheel. We just re-designed the workplace. Using behavioral science and the latest products on the market..So you can work at twice the speed stress-free – AND spend the change on time beyond the screen!

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