Designing for the Senses

Learn more about how sensory design elements can impact workplace productivity and employee well-being.

Out of the five senses, sight plays an enormous role in how we perceive and feel about our working environment. A person’s surroundings can impact mood, energy, and performance levels. Because of this ideology, It’s not unusual in the twenty-first century to see chic and modular designs encapsulate modern spaces. However, VEL offers a different view, literally. Using science-based technology we have designed a futuristic space, not just for show but for the brain. 

Sensory designs are purposefully used to invigorate the senses and have a psychological impact on people within that material environment. Seeing elements such as lighting, colors, shapes, shades, movements and more can determine how individuals engage in their space. Plus, like the other 4 senses, sight initiates an emotional response; Such as feelings of calm, energy, nervousness, angst, or sadness. 

VEL houses a sensory-rich environment that activates all five of the senses. Our unique array of products that specifically impact sight includes a skylight roof panel, a variety of temperature color lighting shades, lush greenery accents, and an iridescent nanoleaf wall. Each design is purposefully chosen and placed precisely within our premium work cafe to promote optimum productivity. 

Skylight Roof Panel 

A centerpiece within VEL is the skylight roof featured throughout the middle of our premium work cafe. This glass art piece is bright blue, with airy white clouds seamlessly in motion and the limbs of a healthy blossomed tree. The life-like appearance of the mural radiates warmth, sunshine, and summer; And, is not just for looks. The placebo effect of natural sunlight actually boosts mood, alertness, and focus.

Ethereal Iridescent Nanoleaf Wall 

Beneath the skylight roof and along the back of our premium work cafe is a subtle ethereal iridescent nanoleaf wall bordered with lush greenery. The textural elements and vivid colors are used purposefully to generate a comfortable, inviting, and energetic environment. Additionally, the leafy accents act as a biophilic design that encourages a bond or connection within one’s space. 

Temperature Color Light Sources

Tailored throughout VEL are state-of-the-art light sources that mimic the effects of organic lighting and facilitate different workspace functions. Our lighting includes warm, mid, and cool-color temperatures that accent different workstations within our premium work cafe. Each level of lighting hosts different benefits and is an effective contributor to enhancing performance.

Looking to learn more about VEL’s sensory-rich environment? Stay tuned to our newsfeed for more articles!

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