Coffee Guide for Optimal Performance

That first sip of coffee feeling… there’s nothing quite like it!

It’s no secret that a piping hot cup of joe is one of the most popular ways to kickstart a workday. For many, consuming this beverage in the morning and throughout the day has become a ritual. However, when the afternoon slump kicks in, opting for an alternative enhanced beverage to power, focus, or flow through the rest of the day may be a great option.

Coffee is one of the most widely used and studied nootropic and ergonomic compounds. This stimulant provides a number of health and performance benefits and is most popularly attributed to reducing fatigue, improving alertness, and providing boosts of energy. This can result in an increase in performance and efficiency with lasting effectiveness if the right amount is consumed.

How to Determine the Right Amount of Caffeine for You 

Coffee can have different effects based on weight, age, tolerance, and medical history. Additionally, sleep and how rested a person is also play a role in caffeine’s effectiveness. Furthermore, some studies suggest that adding milk or creamer to coffee negates part of the adrenaline response from caffeine. 

The recommended amount of caffeine for healthy adults is between 300-400 mg. Doses over the recommended level can result in anxiety symptoms and restlessness; Thus, impairing performance. Likewise, too little caffeine has a very subdued effect on healthy and tolerant adults.

The effects of coffee typically last anywhere from 4-6 hours. This is why many people encounter the mid-day crash. However, VEL’s perfectly curated menu is designed to counteract this so you can escape the crash and fuel the flow.  

Check out our caffeine CRASH C(H)ART so you can get back on your roll.

At VEL, we offer three levels of caffeine so our customers can choose a specialty beverage customized to their preferences and needs. 

  • Flow: Low levels of caffeine encourage wakefulness and productivity. This is a more refined option best suited for those who might encounter caffeine sensitivity. VEL offers various products under this category including all Teas by Rishi, the Defy Labor, and the Fresh Focus. 
  • Focus: Moderate amounts of caffeine encourage attentiveness and performance enhancement. This level of caffeine stimulates the mind and body and makes for a spiffing morning catalyst. VEL’s moderate options include the Savage Not Average, Cortado, Espresso, Station Brew, and Americano.
  • Power: Higher doses of caffeine assists in energizing the mind and body. Our perfectly balanced beverages use a mixture of natural, organic, and nootropic ingredients to help invigorate the senses while reducing stress and supporting calmness. These specialty drinks include VEL’s cold brew, The Outlaw, Free Drive, and Zesty Collab.

At VEL, we believe in fueling the mind and body first. Our deeply researched menu supports optimizing productivity by using performance-based blends that are ample components to deliver focus, power, and drive. Get your workday started the right way with a cup of joe – on the go or while working at twice the speed in our premium coworking coffee shop. 

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